Finished: Sock Madness Warm Up Socks

The one with the lighter toe is done on a bigger needle. On 2,25 mm instead of 2 mm. The fabric is quite loose, I think it’ll wear soon or perhaps cause the sock to loose its shape.

The colourwork on both legs was done on smaller needles.

For both socks I altered the heel significantly. Until they fit.

I’m ready for Sock Madness now!

It took 9 days to finish these. That’s my speed I’m afraid. A plain vanilla pair of socks will go faster but I doubt I’ll be a constructive addition to any team that’s going for speed. I hear the absolute winners can pound out a pair of intrinsic socks in 12 hours.

This has been my day to day progress:

Day 1: toe and up to nearly all the gusset increases. Locked my stitchmarker in with knitting.
Day 2: heel, heel, heel, heelflap, heelflap. Ripping and redoing.
Day 3: few rows, completing gusset under ankles
Day 4: leg up to half of stranded part
Day 5: Saturday, lots of knitting time. finished 1st sock (it’s 40 grams) and knit toe of 2nd sock.
Day 6: colourwork on foot 2nd sock finished
Day 7: gussets done, 48 st op de ondervoet, 32 op de bovenvoet. Attach new yarn.
Day 8: turn heel, flap and up to row 16 of colourchart for the leg (colourwork in needle 2 mm)
Day 9: rest of colourchart and cuff. Finished.


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