Weird Wool Wednesday: too much of a good thing.

My project for watching TV is Perusviuhkat socks, the sock with the white fans in it, to calm down a pooling yarn in February ice colours.

I’ve been knitting on it for a while now so I put it on to see how much longer before I can start the toe:

Hmm. That’s a bit generous, wouldn’t you say?


Something is missing…. Gusset decreases, that’s what!

There’s no way I can fix this. No amount of decreases at this late stage or even cut away the excess and sew things together with my sewing machine will see me end up with a wearable sock.

No, I’ll have to frog back to where the gusset decreases ought to begin.

While frogging I confessed to myself that I’m majorly annoyed by the cuff, it’s so loose that it falls down all the time and I really don’t like garter stitch as an ornament.

So I frogged back to the beginning of the cuff:



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