Mad sock surgery and a well fitting pair of SlipStripeSpiral socks.

The patterned heel of SlipStripeSpiral sock by Mylene Pijpers has three wedges and it’s a bit much for me. This is the patient:

The goal is to remove the first wedge, the purple one, so the other one-and-a-half will scoot forwards and hug my heel.

Above the wedge I’ve put in a life line. It picks up all the stitches from the second closing round, the one in CC:

Below the wedge I’ve put in another lifeline:

At the instep things are a bit fiddly. My MC and CC are very much alike. And there are the slipped stitches to consider. As an afterthought I secured a couple more stitches with an piece of yarn, just to be sure:

This is the stitch I decided to cut. It’s in the closing round of the wedge, the round that knits loops with a stitch. I chose a stitch well before the middle of the sole -where the yarns change- so I’ll have plenty of yarn left to weave in afterwards, should something occur, just to be sure.

It unravels nicely. I’ve chosen a good row to put in the life line I feel. I unpick each stitch with my darning needle, working slowly and relaxed, with good light and a cup of tea nearby.

Things get difficult at the instep. Somehow my unraveling row transcends to above my lifeline:

I put in a new lifeline:

But I’m doubting my choice to unpick the whole second closing round. Things are difficult on the instep. I lose my place with the slipped stiches and with the similar colours I cannot see what yarn goes where.

Perhaps I don’t need to separate the foot from the leg completely, I foresee it will be difficult to graft together again. I wanted to because I wanted to insert some extra stitches for my high instep. But this is more trouble than I’m willing to take on.

Let’s try something else first. Just detach the purple wedge and only the wedge. I decide to cut this purple loop, it seems to be the only thing attaching the wedge to the top part:

A bold move. I have barely an idea of what I’m doing. But I can read the knitting somewhat, I can see things will not unravel beyond control if I cut this loop.

Hey, succes! I snipped it and suddenly I’m able to unpick the row at the bottom of the wedge. A nice row of life stitches presents itself, two rows above my lifeline:

I put in a new lifeline through these life stitches and the rest of the row they are part of:

With ease I now unpick the whole bottom attachment of the purple wedge. When I reach the other end of the instep the wedge suddenly is free and I have life stitches to graft to the top part. I can take out the needle life line on the bottom, the new yarn life line has all the stitches:

Back to the top part. Unpicking from the first snapped stitch I approach the middle and my unraveling row now travers to above my lifeline. The left side of the wedge is held to the top part with purple yarn. Understandable as this is where the closing round started. I have been unpicking the end of the closing round and now I’ve encountered the beginning, a whole row below the one I’ve been unpicking.

I leave the white/dark yarn dangling (good for weaving in later) and snip a stitch in the purple:

Unpicking my way to the left side and then:


One wedge removed. Two rows of life stitches held on life lines.

Now grafting back together. Only at the heel part, I leave the instep part alone.

Done! Fudged a bit at where the wedge meet the instep but nothing too dramatic. I just made sure all life stitches got secured, not bothering too much whether they were regular stitches or slipped stitches. I just grafted everything together.

It fits nicely 🙂

Thanks to time stamps on posts in Ravelry I know this whole operation too me three hours. That’s as long as it took me to knit this heel in the first place haha! It was the first one I even did. It’s not difficult. Just trust the pattern.

I’ve been using the heel since that first time in the mate of the purple sock. This one already has an adapted heel wedge and therefor a better fit. (It’s not a competition sock. The one before the surgery was.)

It also has a little gusset to give more stretch over the instep . It fits so well!

So now I have one well fitting pair of SSSsocks in purple-blue combination!

Now it’s time to take a look at the second competition sock, the green one. It too is a bit roomy in the heel. But not as roomy as the purple one:

It needs to lose half a wedge I’d say. Not a whole one. Do I see myself making an adaption mid-wedge?
Unravel only the top of a wedge and then graft it together?

We’ll see. First I’ll prance to the doctor’s office in my great purple SlipStripeSpiral socks.


7 thoughts on “Mad sock surgery and a well fitting pair of SlipStripeSpiral socks.

  1. Anything involving needles that have to be inserted into my body gives me the creeps, too. Needles are for sewing, knitting, etc
    Luckily this is all behind you now.

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