Weird Wool Wednesday: poop.

Today the verdict came from the highest court in the country about the big manure plant they have planned in the field next to the cabin. It will be build.

I had send in an engineer’s rapport detailing the gaping holes in specifically the odour aspects of the permit but it got thwarted by politics and judicial mores. They didn’t even read the damn thing, it seems.

The plant will be built and 78 trucks of manure will visit it daily. It will smell pretty bad and, more important, it will be dangerous. But there’s nothing to be done. We’ll have to sit it out and hope it will stop in a year or ten because as a business model it is very poor.

The verdict came online just an hour ago so now I have poo on the mind.
Why is there such a prominent poo-icon on modern phones, anyway?

A lot of people use their modern devices on the loo. Both at home and at work. They surf, they read, they play games.
Do people knit on the toilet?
I’m not inclined to. Something just doesn’t sit right.

You sure can craft a lot of poo with yarn:
ravelry pattern data base search query

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 11.09.48

Why would you?

All association I ever made between yarn crafts and poo is this:

The crocheted toilet paper holders from the ’70s and the ’80s…

They look so much better in the ’10s:

Little Owl TP Keeper by Soapy Sue, a free pattern.

— mentally insert a funny bridge to making poo, with poo coloured food —

While we waited for the verdict to come online I went out and got ourselves some chocolaty food. It was to be either festive or comfort food: massive chocolate rich rich with pecan crunchy and butter. Two pieces. Both for me.

It turned out to be comfort brownie and I just remembered to take a picture for you before I ate it all:
That whole carton was filled with superfat superchocolately brownie! It was delicious.
I must have eaten a whole bar of butter now. That’s ok. Butter is good for me. This and some chicken soup and I’m good for the rest of the day.

This chocolate face sits on the other side of me. Making sure I’m good for today too:
She picked up on my mood. (Of course she did!)

She often accompanies me to the loo too. Even when I’ve snuck off on my own there’ll be yowling and howling in the house in no time. “WHERE ARE YOU! I’m ALL ALONNNNEEE! ECHOOOOOOO!”
Until I mutter from the loo. “I’m here, I’m here.”
Then there’s a “prrrt?” outside the door.
And I have to open it.
And then everything is good again:


Until it’s not:
(Another reason why cat people don’t knit or surf on the toilet.)

Btw, shall we call this a “smelfie”?

There, enough with the poo talk. Let’s end with an artistic night shot from the other day. Inducing Van Goghish sentiments and Dutch canals and chocolate covered cream filled Bossche Bol goodness my city is famous for:
I may need to get me some tonight.


3 thoughts on “Weird Wool Wednesday: poop.

  1. At least I’m not the only one with a cat that has no respect for bathroom personal space. My Shadow was yelling at me this morning, yowling more for food, than to know where I was. Although I feed him before I leave for work- that is distressingly an hour later than he’d like. At least. So today he open the bathroom door and came on in to yowl at me face-to-face. (Yes, he opens doors. It’s distressing in the middle of the night, and can wake you even from the deepest of sleeps. He’s talented like that..)

      • Oh yeah! It’s three stages. Stage 1: Door creaks open.

        Stage 2: He pops his head through the crack to see what you’re doing.

        Stage 3: Body follows, yowling resumes. “Oh, you’re not doing anything! Get up and feed me!”

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