Sock Madness sock 2

The second pattern for the Sock Madness competition is out:

Rose & Thorn Socks by Ronni Smith

Beads! Cables!

Obviously this pattern looks best in a solid colour. Of which I happen to have bought two at the fair last Friday:

On the left a sock yarn from Wol met Verve: Ultra Merino Sock with a nice round ply. On the right Spinspul Merino with bamboo and glitter. Two quality yarns which both have me eager to knit with. All the things I bought on the fair have me eager.

As a way of choosing I’m imagining the socks in the sea foam colour…. they’ll look nice. But I’d rather knit this yarn with another pattern. Something with smaller “frunnikjes”, smaller details, smaller repeats. Prickly Pear socks perhaps (again)?

Now I’m imagining the socks in the dark bamboo purple…. they’ll look nice too. But in the dark colour I’m a bit concerned that my white skin will become quite a feature with the holes in the lace pattern… There’s a lot of contrast between this colour and my skin…

So there I was, having a reason not to knit this pattern with either yarn. And I had nicely cornered myself with the knowledge that the pattern looks best in a solid colourway.

Ha! No corner will hold me! (there may spiders here anyway)


Woohoo! Caston with beads on purple! This is another Wol met Verve Ultra Merino Sockyarn that I bought and I see it made into socks the most urgent of the three yarns I showed in the top picture.This Is The Yarn I Want To Knit With Now and as long as the colourway doesn’t overwhelm the pattern completely I’m very happily knitting. Such gorgeous colours.

The cast on for Rose & Thorn Socks is a bit fiddly, with Judy’s Magic Cast On and beads. But the designer has provided an excellente video and by just copying what she’s doing I got me a cast on in no time.

Closing and knitting in the round for the cuff:

Awww… such lovely colours. The cast on is with two circulars. One is just hanging there, keeping the beads in check. After knitting the cuff and giving it a picot edge you double back to the row with the beads and knit it together with the life stitches.

That’s the cuff done! Picot edge and beads, this will look so pretty on a leg:

Having a closer look….

Are you kitten me?!

Signature dropped stitch in plain stockinette! After all the “octopus wrestling” of the cast on with beads and two circular needles and tying the two things together I dropped a stitch in the easiest part of the project. So typical.

Well, I’m repairing it right away. I’m threading a piece of yarn through that dropped stitch and copying its neighbour stitches with the ends of that piece of yarn. No ripping. Just securing that stitch in place.

There, all done:

And already one of the roses in bloom above the beaded row. Ahh…such lovely yarn. I’m loving every stitch I knit with this yarn. It has taken me many years to learn to buy good yarn, good fibre. I still stumble and go for a cheap deal and end up with wool that gives me no pleasure. Heaps of it in fact. I ought to throw things out I guess. Create some breathing space. Or I could just go on knitting with the luxurious yarn in hand.

This is my progress on the SockMadness sock after two days:

One cuff and a quarter of the leg.

I’m out of the competition by now. Several of my team members have already finished their socks. A whole pair of socks in two days!

I’m in team Myngytken Mimosa. “Myngytken” means “ten” in one of the Inuit languages. Teams range from starting with letter A to letter P. Paaikuyuw Pansies are the fastest knitter around. One of them finished their pair of socks before I was done choosing yarns!

piratepippismmimosa_xlarge my temporarily ravatar. Mimosa flower.

So, thinking A to P, team Myngytken Mimosa is one of the faster teams. Way too fast for me but fun to be in.

But: my shoulder is hurting again…. I have to seriously pace cables and stressful knitting.

It happened last Wednesday, when I had that stressfull day with the court decision. On top of that I had a lengthy appointment with my GP which was also stressful. We’re finally making sense of the three pronged puzzle that’s my illness and it’s complicated and overwhelming but he’s now up to speed to Methylation (on of the few people in the Netherlands, if not the only one) and now we’re applying it to my DNA profile but he’s stopping his practise in a few months so we’re in a bit of a rush. (He will continue as a molecular nutritionist, specializing in methylation cycle problems. But my insurance won’t cover.)

Thirdly, on that same dreaded Wednesday, I started my introduction to weight bearing exercises and made a mistake. I’m 40+ and in no condition, it’s time to strengthen my physique. (this is not the mistake I made)

The first machine I worked on hurt my shoulder. But I was too amped up because of the dr. appointment from which I had come running because it had also run late, the court’s decision, the two butter brownies and the extra dose of hydrocortisone I had taken to counter the stress of it all. I just didn’t think and made one wrong move and hurt my shoulder. And then I repeated that wrong move about ten times with ten kilos because it was all new and I was so happy to finally use my body again and the guy was egging me on. I just didn’t think. It’s the one ball I dropped that day and I shouldn’t blame myself.

For a few days I hoped it was just muscle fatigue or something. But no. This is Shoulder Impingement again. And I need to take that as a given and work from here. Before I have to stop knitting the fun things I have on the needles right now for a whole year again and have to invent Brioche projects and drop spindle projects again.

So this is as much roses as my socks are going to get:


I just cannot muster enough grip to make twisted stitches or cables. Three roses on the leg and just knit plain stockinette for the rest of the sock will be fine. The yarn will make the sock beautiful anyway. But I will pace myself to perhaps 20 rows per day because knitting at sock gauge is also RSI taxing.

Health first. Luxury yarns second.


2 thoughts on “Sock Madness sock 2

  1. I hope your shoulder feels better. “Been there done that!” I found lovely lovely ice to be My Best Friend… ibuprofen (Advil) if you can get/tolerate it really knocks down the inflammation fast. Feel better! Great socks!

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