Holland: socks, pie and the sky

This is as far as I got on the Madness sock before I admitted that the cuff is too tight to put the sock on easily. I would avoid this sock just because it’s a bit of a hassle to put it on.

I ripped it out on Saturday evening and started a new toe. And what a nice toe this is!

The star shaped toe from SlipStripeSpiral socks by Mylene Pijpers.
It’s basically Cat Bordhi’s toe from Personal Footprints. Here’s a video where Cat shows it:

It’s so elegant! No long tail to cast on with, fast increases by using a double yarn and a beautiful knitted centre. I’m going to use this for circular projects too. No more “co 6 st, join in the round and wrestle that porcupine”.

Easter Sunday we build a blanket fort in the cabin and piled on cats and chocolate. We spend all day watching series and it was lovely.

I knit the foot of the sock. I’m just following Janneke’s Maat Sok Basis* pattern and throwing in a leaf here and there from Blattwerk socks.

The day after Easter we drove back to the city while a storm swept over the country. I knitted in the car.

The sock saw some action on the road: a burned out BMW causing back ups all the way to Germany. The burned out vehicle is on a trailer in the middle of the picture, amongst the trees.

Even on a grey and stormy day Holland is all about the skies:
The sky gives us a place to look at and feel free without the need to move one step.

Holland is basically a flat green pancake with enormous skies above it. Church towers point to heaven and provide orientation when travelling around the pancake.

This is so typically Dutch it could be anywhere in the Netherlands:Untitled
Except in the south of the Netherlands. There they have strange things called hills… To cope with them they invented a most magnificent pie called “vlaai“:

It’s pronounced ‘fly’ with a v. It rhymes with ‘pie’.” says Siv from A World in My Oven. She also has recipes.

This is my favourite flavour of vlaai: rice pudding vlaai with whipped cream on top. It’s the real deal too! Actually from the south, from a real bakery. Approved by sock knitters.

Hey, the weather is getting better:
Bits of blue poking through. But on the horizon to the right still rains. On the left an interesting dark bit with clear skies behind it.

We’re nearing the city and the sky is getting truly magnificent!

That dark belt in front is lying right across our historical city, it was like big skeins of Wollmeise 47 Ag were draped from church tower to cathedral tower.
By then I’d dropped my phone under my seat and couldn’t take a picture but it was magnificent! The sky was purple and green and lilac amongst the warm greys and it was so heavy and nearby you felt you hade to lower your head between your shoulders for protection.

I snapped this picture when we parked the car but the real magic had blown over.

At home we settled in. Lillepoes was trying to pierce my mind:
There’s a beast lying on my spot, on my blanket. Do something!

In the evening we watched some more gruesome murdery series and at the end of the day I had finished one sock.
Pictures this morning and another mind piercing attempt:

Human, open this door. I require a survey of the back territory.
under her breath: “you are so pathetic


2 thoughts on “Holland: socks, pie and the sky

  1. My mom used to say it was a good say if there was enough blue sky to make a Dutchman’s britches. We were never sure exactly how much that was, but your last pictures made me think of that.

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