Finished: stranded cuffs

I was so happy with the yarn that after I finished the socks on Friday I used the remnants to make some wristwarmers:

I’ve just finished them, casting off the brioche top as we were driving from the cabin back to the city on Monday morning.

Four days for a chique pair of wristwarmers!
Considering this weekend had lovely Spring weather and I spend hours puttering about in the garden that’s a good result.

I made them with the same pattern as my green/white Fair Isle Cuffs that I wear a lot: Fair Isle Cuffs by Julie Williams.

It’s different when you use variegated yarn instead of a different colour for each row like the green ones. I think I prefer the latter. But the former knits faster.

With the green cuffs I did a beautiful photoshoot when they were finished. In the snow, with magical morning sunlight:

I should do one with these too, now with this beautiful Spring weather and the first trees in full bloom. There are some closeby. 30 minutes ago:

cat cherry tree speing

Even in my back garden, Magnolia, Ribes and Rosemary, 30 seconds ago:


But then I ought to block them first. And also get up from the sofa where I’m doing my photographing and writing at the moment:

That’s a cat on my blanket on my legs. I think we’ll all stay here for a while and enjoy the sunny spots:


3 minutes later. Complicating factors.
now where do I keep my knitting? and my laptop?


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