Hello, my name is unrest.

I want to be productive today but I fail. It’s already past noon and I’ve been busy all day, running around, doing nothing.

I’ve traced a sewing pattern but I did it onto un-ironed muslinfabric. This is not going to end well. I’m sewing because I really ought to have a look at the three (3!) pairs of wristwarmers I have on the needles. They all have issues:


The green-brown one needs smart pattern designing because I don’t have much of the brown yarn and that’s only the first cuff right there. Because the green yarn is variegated it needs solid blobs of brown. Which I learned after I already knitted half a cuff. Which I ripped since then. Now I need to study patterns and think up smart ones. If I had the rest to sit still for just a minute.

The blue ones! Let me tell you about the blue ones. I made the design myself, based on Too Many Cats by Natalia Moreva:

Some of the rows in my cuffs have three (3!) stranded colour work! The cats get green eyes. Later on I will sew black pupils onto them. It’s going to look great!

But three stranded colourwork is difficult. The first cuff ended up tight in those rows. Too tight, I wonder? I don’t know, they’re for a friend, she may be alright with it. And the stitches look good on that one.

But to be sure I knitted the second on 2,5 mm needles and last night I found out it’s really too loose. I went to bed and the bright sober morning revealed that yes it is too big and also: the stitches look gross. So untidy.

I keep wondering if things will even out with blocking. And while I wonder I tend to keep knitting, growing more and more frustrated by the mystery. Even if blocking fixes one of the cuffs, it won’t fix the other. Which one to abandon and start anew???

I wish I was more relaxed. Less needy for control. More like the cat:

(Some spin rag hanging from her eye brow whiskers. Not faced by it.)

The third pair of cuffs are purple-white cuffs and they too are turning out way way too big. I hate it because the Brioche took forever to make and I was so happy to finally start the colourwork.

So now I don’t know whether to continue the colourwork and just tighten my tension a tad. Tubes always shrink when you make them longer. They could work out. In theory.

I don’t know what to do now. I don’t want to look at the knitting. Even though I should because I didn’t bring any other knitting projects with me this weekend.

The preparation for the sewing is tedious that I don’t want to continue with wrinkled fabric and if I iron it now wouldn’t that be smart but I don’t want to sew anymore anyway now. So much alterations needed. And a muslin. And fitting. And more alterations. I just want to trace the pattern onto fabric, sew it and end up with a glorious garment!

Besides, all the sewing is done inside. I want to go outside. It’s nice weather. We should go outside Lillepoes!

But when I go outside I just stand there, in the sun, birds singing. Wringing my hands, feeling useless. Had I some knitting I would sit in a deck chair and knit. But I have no knitting!

I spend time inside this morning getting my weaving loom from the stash room. I took it apart and checked it and put it back together again and looked at a lot of beautiful and inspiring weaving projects on Ravelry. I want to weave very much!

But again: tedious preparations. So I looked at an online market place, if perhaps there was a smaller loom for sale, a table loom that you can just fold out, throw wool at and start weaving. As if that’ll fix me today.

I guess I could go take my spinning wheel outside. Or do some gardening. Get the weeds while they’re still small.

But these cuffs…. they need to be sorted. Otherwise I have nothing to knit tonight, when we’re settling down for the day. Or tomorrow in the car ride back to the city.

Why can’t I be like Lillepoes?
Just be in the moment, enjoy the sun.

Enjoy life!
Ahh, such a sage.


3 thoughts on “Unrest.

  1. That’s true. Cats always have a way to point out that they tolerate us lovingly. Dogs just love you without concessions. I miss having cats though.

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