Zarte Knopse induces Spring sillyness.

Not sure what plant this is but the colour is gorgeous!
zarte knospe

A colour that I decided to match today:
zarte knospe

zarte knospe
Yep, the onion dyed socks in pattern Blattwerk.

But wait! There’s more!

zarte knospe
I’m wearing the skirt I made from a ’70s bedsheet that was left in the cabin by the previous owners.
It has an awesome pocket with a knot in it, based on this tutorial, and it’s lined with silk:

But wait! There’s more!

zarte knospe
I have my Wollmeise Spring Brioche shawl around my shoulders. Zarte Knospe and Spinaci.
Shown here in a composition called “Zarte Knospe and Sensible Shoe“.

I’m also wearing my reed dyed shirt:
zarte knospe

All the colours coordinate (maybe not according to my phone but they do in reality)

Everything is so bright and so green!

I think I was told that “ladies of a certain age” shouldn’t colour coordinate so obviously. Just like one shouldn’t wear a matching set of jewellery. That last one I was definitely told, in Autumn 2014, when I wanted a Labradorite necklace to go with my new glasses and wanted an wristband too.

The same people probably don’t approve of my sensible shoes either.

But that’s the great thing with being over 40: you don’t give one cent about what “they” say you should or shouldn’t do.

Besides, I plan to outrun the fashion police on these shoes anyway. Wearing my flashing socks and my eye watering green Zarte Knospe shawl flying in the wind.
Mouth full of bonbons.

Everything together now:
zarte knospe
Ahh. Spring.

By the way, I still don’t know what a Zarte Knospe is. Is it a black oak bud? I love the mystery so I let it continue.

All I know is that when you google images for “Zarte Knospe” you get Wollmeise, beautiful Wollmeise. Happy making yarn and projects:
Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 14.58.12
Leaving you with a spring in your step and a hole in your wallet.


3 thoughts on “Zarte Knopse induces Spring sillyness.

  1. Zarte Knospe just means tender bud. It can be any plant. And I detect Blattwerk socks in the only possible colour.

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