Weird Wool Wednesday: sewing for knitting

This is our front room today:
The picture may be distorted because that’s one HUGE table: 1 m x 3 m. That’s about one yard width and 3.28 yards long.

On the right sits mr. Marvelknits. All neat and tidy and organized.

On the left I sit. I’m sewing:
Such a mess! And no sewing machine in sight.

I want to sew some blouses. To wear under my handknitted vests. It’s the right amount of layers. And vests are fun to make.

But I cannot just copy a pattern from a magazine, cut it and sew it. Noooo, I have to redraft the whole thing, make seven muslins and learn all kind of new techniques from the internet first.
I’ve been making my own pattern since Saturday now, every day tweaking and pinning and resewing. Learning a lot about armholes and sleeves. There are two different sleeves in this one.

I only need to make one or two more sleeves I think. Then learn about sleeve widths. And collars.
Then I’m ready to draft the final pattern and transfer it onto fashion fabric.

This one:
Birds in tiny little shoes!

And these ones after that:

Preferably in the next two weeks because April 29th there’s a new Fabric Fair in town and I want to buy fabric for summer blouses. I’m thinking whites…

Because then I can wear them with the white vest, the one with the green owls, here seen resting in its natural habitat:

with my new favourite chocolate:

Chocolat Stella 75%, a Swiss quality chocolate. Tastier than Tony Chocolonely!

Did you know chocolate recipes are different from country to country? We all have different associations with “good old fashioned chocolate”, depending on where we got to taste it first.
Especially Americans are in a league of their own and when they visit Europe and go to chocolate heaven a.k.a. Belgium they might not get the chocolatey experience they hope for.

It’s all a matter of taste and recipe and what chocolate you got when you were a child. I’m Dutch, I love the rich slightly bitter chocolates. British people love milky stuff that clings to the roof of their mouths. Americans love chocolate that’s a little sour and makes your mouth water.

But vests. I love vests. I have at least two spinning projects queued for vests. Both grey. I should make them asap since I will have four new blouses to go with them in two weeks. As soon as I finish making this pattern for the most perfect ladies’ dress shirt.

Ahh, I love well fitted blouses that allow for arm movement. A rare thing in a lady’s blouse. More common in a man’s dress shirt.

From the left over fabrics I want to make project bags, to go with my wardrobe:

What a co-ordinated knitter I am!

Co-ordinated in all the right ways:
My handspun vest matches Zarte Knospe!

Don’t you go thinking that just because my husband knows how to arrange his things neatly that he’s any less weird than I am! We’re a match in weirdness.

And we share a love of good quality mugs and good, unusual tools:

nixie clock and googly eyes

That copper scrubby thingamajig is a thing in which you can clean your soldering iron. For which he has some more tools in the back.
because he has been making this:
nixie clock and googly eyes

A nixie clock. From PV Electronics

We already had one for years, from the shops. It’s in our sitting room:
nixie clock and googly eyes

With some good quality chocolate in the back ground. Just like good knitting.

And yes, that is a googly eye on its corner.

We’ve had a little fun with April the 1st. I had stuck googly eyes to various places.
They’ve been changing places since then and we run into them in unexpected places.
nixie clock and googly eyes
nixie clock and googly eyes
nixie clock and googly eyes
nixie clock and googly eyes

The worst thing: tomorrow morning the cleaning lady comes. I’ll HAVE to tidy up my sewing mess.

And do we allow the googly eyes where they are? I can’t tell if we have any respectable image left with our cleaning lady and whether googly eyes will better or worsen it.


2 thoughts on “Weird Wool Wednesday: sewing for knitting

  1. I’d leave the googly eyes, I bet they make her laugh! Your vests are really nice. Over here we (or me anyway) call them ‘tank tops.’ Good luck for your sewing pattern!

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