Skilled artisans…

The second wristwarmer just didn’t want to play. I had the stranded part finished except for a row or two. And it was too big…way too big. And the stitches were ugly. I kept knitting on it hoping it would pan out and I could avoid having to think about it a little longer. But alas.

Then I met up with a knitter friend and she fed me tea, chocolate and some good advise. The first cuff, which I feared was too tight, will work just fine. Yes it requires a little effort to put it on but after that it wears very fine, being a little fitted as it is. So that’s one fine cuff I have.

This makes the second cuff, which is way bigger, a dead end.
Dead ends need frogging. Which I did then and there:

Back to the ribbing it went. I was sighing a bit because now I would be starting this stranded cuff mitten for the fourth time … I had quite enough of the pattern.
Then my friend said the smartest thing: why not make two different cuffs? Yes! Brilliant! I shifted into gear instantly. The friend for whom the cuffs are intended is funny and creative and she loves odd things. I’ll make a solid one and embroider something “cat” on it.

After that the cuff practically knit itself. All that remains is to embellish it. But first we need to take a nap:

In the mean time I’ve visited a small enterprise building we have here in the city which houses artisans. It’s a collection of working spaces where each artisan has his/her machines, in an repurposed industrial building that has beautiful high ceilings. It’s lovely! There are carpenters, an inflatable designer, a felt works woman, a leather and hide expert, a framing guy and many more.

Here’s the link to the homepage of BAC Den Bosch here

We saw some felted chairtops illustrating how rich a texture felt can give:

And a non-hipster black smith:


There’s not much knitting going on these days. I’m still binding off Temptress Shawl. I’m sewing. And tomorrow I’m at the hospital again for yet another base line to build my HRT upon. (Hormone Replacement Therapy).

I need to sew faster because I’m bursting all the seams in my canvas skirts and people are starting to notice!

And that shirt I’m making is still not finished.
Because cat:

But when I ask nicely she moves over. Lillepoes and her beautiful blue eyes:
And her left foot which is malformed and is called “hooray-toes” in my language.


One thought on “Skilled artisans…

  1. Non-hipster blacksmith guy who says he is not hipster because he was not a hipster before it was cool? 😀

    Good luck at the hospital tomorrow!

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