Weird Wool Wednesday: hiding from cuffs…. by knitting cuffs

This is today’s remnant of yesterday’s battlefield, when I took a moment away from the sewing and did some knitting:

These cuffs are on the floor. Their yarn got caught on my foot or something as I was trying to get a piece of dark thread to embroider the cat eyes with on the blue cuffs.
I thought I had two balls of the brown but it’s only the one. And it’s attached to this border of this cuff. Of which I still have no idea how to proceed.
I’m stuck because I want this to be a double layer of knitting. But I’m already scared I’ll run out of the brown yarn. And somehow that impairs my ability to think.

I’m currently focussing on finding some other coloured yarn to give these kitties their eyes:

Here’s the third cuff in progress, on the couch next to my chair:
It’s the purple-white combination. These cuffs are (still) too wide.
I’ve now taken their needles from them. That’s progress I guess: the decision has been made that I won’t be knitting them as is.

Then yesterday I found out that that white wool I’m using fort hem is too soft and squishy for wristwarmers. It pills. It’s BC Garn Semilla. Lovely yarn. But too soft for cuffs. My own fair isle cuffs look ratty already:

So that sends me on a whole other detour before I can knit a new pair of stranded cuffs with purples…

But what’s that?

Stuck in the corner of my seat:

Ah. That would be the thing I knitted on last night.

It’s a cuff.

The Narcissus cuff in Wollmeise Mauseschwanzchen. And one of the pair got finished yesterday evening:

These are the cuffs I put into hibernation 6 weeks ago because its left column of purl stitches wasn’t in symmetry with it’s right column of purl stitches and it bothered me to no end.

Funnily how that changes when you’ve got other cuff problems to hide from.


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