Weekend at the cabin

I left all the thinking and all the projects in the city and came to the cabin for a leisurely weekend without a plan.

It’s going well. I’m “leisuring” through the day pleasantly.

When the sun is out I settle in a low chair in the grass and knit on a sock I started:

With cream puffed whatyamacallits, my purple iPadcase and a lovely Spring WIPbag. And tea. And LOUD birds all around me. Spring is here!!

The yarn is a beauty that I’ve admired in the skein for years. It was so beautiful in the skein that I hesitated greatly to knit with it. It would never be this beautiful again:

On the last woolfair I visited, the one in Tilburg, the indy dyer from whom I bought the skein a few years back, had a stall. Wol met Verve. Together we chose a semisolid to combine it with.

After that I dared to destroy the skein and cake it up and I started a SlipStripeSpiral sock in the car.

I don’t know what I think of it yet. The skein is gone, that’s for sure. The colours are very different in the knitting. Not as special. But it has a beauty of its own and if I just relax and let it be I’ll be able to see it.

Either way these will be socks I’ll wear often and gladly. I don’t have many socks in dark colours and quality yarn. They complement an outfit.

When the sun isn’t out I’m spinning. For the first time in months:

It’s these lovely batts with lots of silk and soft merino:

It’s the price I got from last year’s Tour de Fleece. They were handed to me at that lovely knitters’ party at the petting zoo, the same day I got the Noro from which the legwarmers are knit that I’m also wearing today.

These batts are akin to another set, with green, which I spun up and knitted into that vest that I love so much:

The purple white batts I’m spinning into a fairly thin single which I will then ply with a solid white (solid silk perhaps) to knit (or weave!) a lovely drapey garment with. Either a vest or a shawl:

There are plans forming in my head for a new direction of my wardrobe and a rich silky purplish whitish fabric is just the ticket…

Cats are happy to be here too:


Hope you have a fine weekend too. With lots of wool and lots of comfort.

Speaking of comfort: I bought a second pair of the best house “slofs” ever to keep at the cabin:

They are Haflinger Torben Slippers.

I have a green pair that I use all the time.
Felt top. Rubbery sole.

I particular chose brown coloured soles instead of the black ones because reviews say the black ones can leave markings on your floor.

I also chose one size up from my foot size so I can wear handknit socks in them, my Hiking Socks which are two strands of fingering yarn held together. Thusly sportsweight or 6-ply.

This pair will stay here and the pair I already have, the green ones, stay in the city. No more dragging them with me to and from the cabin. But I’ll probably continue walking out of the front door on them only realizing a few paces away that I’m not wearing proper shoes and should go back and change. That’s how comfortable they are.

Have a good weekend!


One thought on “Weekend at the cabin

  1. Hi
    I love to see your S-70 in the photos…I got a new Louet drive band for mine from WEBS and it fits and doesn’t seem too tight. It’s black. Maybe the one you got was from another source/brand….I hope it stretched out ok for you. They also told me that the bobbins made for the S-10 will work on the S-70. Haven’t $pent the $ for any yet, but hope it works! They aren’t all wood like the nice old ones, but at least there’s a way to get extras…all mine are full! Happy spinning!

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