Binary cuff knitting…




My in-house nerd says I’ve now knitted 15 cuffs…

They are all Narcissus cuffs.
The two one the right are knit from miniskeins dyed by Wol met Verve that I bought at the fair in Tilburg. They are 100% merino and tightly plied, like sock yarn. They are beautiful and soft against my wrists but they won’t pill as fast as the light grey will and the Wollmeise I’m wearing at the moment does.

They knit up so differently from how they look in the skein! The top one I had seen in an example, otherwise I’d never guessed.

The bottom one is a pure surprise! It knits up so friendly and Springlike while the skein has screeching fluor neon in it (which I only truly discovered once we left the fair and saw it in daylight).

These speckled dyed ones I knitted with the wrist portion in stockinette stitch. They don’t need the vertical interest and I get slowed down by twisted stitches and purl stitches.

They are also knitted bottom up. I don’t know why…. I had to rewrite the lace pattern for that, changing all YO into k2togs.
I don’t know why I did that! It was extra work and now I really have to pay attention to the fanning lace part.
It also doesn’t fan out as nicely as the top down versions do, the two grey ones. Perhaps blocking will fix it.

Either way I still have to knit all their partners in the same way.
That’s another 15 cuffs.
For my 3 arms.
(reads like eleven arms to me. I’m funny too you know)

OMG I just showed this post to the nerd!

He says I’m not a binary knitter.

I’m a UNARY knitter

because I only knitted the one cuff over and over.

Get off my lawn!


One thought on “Binary cuff knitting…

  1. LOL, this post cracked me up. Good luck with your remaining einz einz einz cuffs, hope to see a pic with finished pairs soon!

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