A different kind of weaving: ends.

How good am I? Weaving in all the ends.

Yes I’m still doing cuffs…. They are the mindless knits I need when I take my breaks from learning to sew dress shirts and planning weaving projects and all the thousand things I think I need to do now that I have a bit more energy in my life.

I did the partner cuffs from the miniskeins top down, like I planned, and it worked out beautiful. I can make one pair of cuffs from just one miniskein: 20 grams of fingering weight, 80 m in length maximum.

The light green ones did cut it a bit short….

… but the blackberry coloured ones had two meters spare.

These cuffs are off to a warm bath and I’ll be rummaging through the fingering weight stash for another 20 grams of yarn. I may even take a bit of a brand new skein of sock yarn since I seldom take more than 75 grams for a pair of socks.


today is going to be a chocolate free day for me… to test out some theory about insomnia and gut motility governing neurotransmitters that may not like chocolate as much as I do…

I already feel quite bizarre and it’s not even noon.


2 thoughts on “A different kind of weaving: ends.

    • who says I’m calm? My husband sure won’t.
      (I just put googly eyes on his glasses)
      (he’s not amused. At all!)
      (He should go and eat some chocolate.)

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