Dressed for the occasion

We went out to dinner tonight, with my aunt and uncle who are visiting the Hieronymus Bosch exhibition which ends tomorrow. It has all night opening hours!

For the occasion I wore a dress that I made in 2013 and it’s a nice reminder that I have actually sewn something wearable. (The shirt I’m sewing at the moment is going horrible. Horrible!)

This is the dress in 2013:

It started out as pattern Butterick 6582 but that’s got ridiculous wearing ease and even though I was an absolute beginner I managed to slim it down from a potato sack to a dress.

With it I wore this beautiful silk handknit shawl, the Cocoberry Cowl, pattern by Meilindis, finished in 2014, in 100% silk:

and they go so nice together! The colours are great and the silk gleams while the woven fabric has silver details and it all looks glorious and fun!

I wore beautiful shoes from Paul Green which are elegant yet comfy and I think I’ve had them for…. 10 years? 15? The last time I wore them was on my honeymoon, ten years ago.
I haven’t been much out of the house since then, it feels.

So, this evening I felt stylish and sophisticated and we had a lovely time, sitting outside dining and me being beautiful and elegant yet very comfortable with shoes I can walk in and a dress I can breathe in and silk that’s soft against the skin and either warms or cools, as needed. Quality!

When I came home I took some pictures to show you the quality and how well everything goes together.
First my beautiful shoes:
and the Haflinger Slippers.
Ah yes, that’s a Fabel on the right, it’s already nearly a pair of cuffs. In the plastic bag are Belgian chocolates my aunt brought! Well spotted.

btw, my chocolate-free day yesterday was awful. I’m not sure whether it was withdrawal or something else but *blergh*.
I did sleep through the night though! So I’m saving those Belgian bonbons for a bit longer to see if my insomnia is influenced by chocolate.

Ooohnooo, we should have taken photos outside so you could see the actual colours!


Quick, world wide web evasive manouvres: Cat lady, accessorize!




Thank you Lillepoes, your job here is done. The city is safe.


2 thoughts on “Dressed for the occasion

  1. You look lovely, and somdoes Lillepoes. She feels she has the right to be in the pictures, having had to miss that lovely meal.

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