Weird Wool Wednesday: knitting one sock.

I finished one sock:

The one with my most-beautiful-skein-but-what-will-I-do-with-it?
The skein is gone. The colours in the knitting are ok. Close up there’s lots to see:

But I miss the skein a bit…. And it’s all so dark! Would I wear dark socks?
I’ve been talking a lot about LIGHT colours lately. (Talking about some glinstering charcoal, true, but mostly light colours.)

I’ve been petting my new yarns, the ones I used for the cuffs. One is perfectly light coloured. And I’m wearing these socks all the time:

So, naturally:

And this morning:

This is the Wol met Verve yarn that I knitted some cuffs from. Pattern Blattwerk with modifications.

And now I’m worried I don’t have enough yarn for a whole pair of socks… That’s why there’s already a different coloured toe in this one. Which bugs me to no end, since my green yellow onion ones are so beautiful and in one piece.


This makes not for relaxed sock knitting proces. Not much fun. I worry all the time. Running to the scales all the time to see if I need to start the second sock or not. Which will need a different coloured toe. Which I don’t want to knit. Pondering knitting one whole sock in this yarn and leave it at that.
But what will I knit today? I’m travelling today. Can’t bring the scales. I need a fun, relaxed project!

So I ordered new yarn. A whole 100 grams skein for whole socks. From Wolop.

It’s the same yarn as my onion green yellow Blattwerk socks above, the yarn that makes me so happy because it reminds me of the wonderful time we had at Midwinterwol Fair:

The new yarn is dyed with …. “Blauwhout”. Woad?
It’s Mauve! I don’t have a good picture yet. Here’s a casual phone picture by Wolop (she has such photo-skills!):

She’s bringing it today. We meet up in the train to travel together to another place, she with skein, me with needles. Shall I bring my wool winder or will we do old school and wind by hand?

I want to start a new, light coloured sock today.


4 thoughts on “Weird Wool Wednesday: knitting one sock.

  1. Sit opposite to each other and wind it the old fashioned way. Besides being fun it will also amuse your fellow travelers

  2. If you’re worried about the dark sock- you may want to redo it, using a lighter color as contrast and alternate rows (stripes). This will give you enough yarn for two socks, and increase your chances of wearing it, because the lighter contrast yarn will make it brighter.

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