Nurmilintu shawl in Dutch Wool Diva yarn

At the Knit & Knot fair in Tilburg I was offered a luxury yarn as part of a swap in the Dutch Karma Swap Group on Ravelry and I chose this one:
Diva Sock Donegal Nepps by Dutch Wool Diva. In colourway Statue. 400 m, 100 grams.

The Diva herself was also at the fair, with her yarns and spinning fibres. She was wearing a shawl in this yarn, in this colourway, and it looked gorgeous! I had previously seen it on her Dutch video/vlog/podcast and but virtual reality couldn’t hold a candle to tactile reality.

The Diva handed over her shawl for me to feel it, she know knitters love to “look” with their hands:

I went bold and chose that yarn and that pattern, then and there. My inner critic had already fired up for a nice round of “debating the fun out of life” but I ignored him, grabbed the yarn and ran. My inner critic doesn’t know how to live life.

The pattern is a free pattern: Nurmilintu by Heidi Alander:

And I already have my own around my shoulders today!

Mikkemus has knitted it for me, from my own yarn, as part of another swap in the same Dutch Karma Swap Group. I’m so glad she did! My knitting is all over the place at the moment, I’m not finishing anything (apart from cuffs) and I really want to wear this shawl this Summer as it fits my colour scheme so beautiful. Your knitting time/skills is a luxury gift to give someone.

Here’s my Nurmilintu shawl in DWD Donegal neps, colourway Statue:

Nurmilintu shawl Dutch Wool Diva yarn

Mikkemus made a modification and knitted the “trees” in stockinette stitch instead of garter:
Nurmilintu shawl Dutch Wool Diva uarn

I love my shawl. It wears lovely: soft and good colour and with the long ends it wraps around the neck well. Yet it still has some dept so it isn’t a scarf. And it’s done. Finished. Currently in use. No (t much) time wasted pondering and scheming and worrying and doubting. It’s here and it’s good!

For the photo it’s hanging on my fig tree. Such an exotic tree to have in the middle of a farmer’s field in a North Sea country…
I got the tree for my birthday last year and we managed to nurse it through the Winter. I might have figs this year!

Nurmilintu shawl Dutch Wool Diva uarn

It’s good to be at the cabin again this weekend. Nature has exploded in abundance:
Nurmilintu shawl Dutch Wool Diva uarn

My inner critic is hoarse from rattling of a list at high speed and high pitch of all the things that need to be weeded, pruned, chopped, tidied, composted in our patch of woodland.
But frankly: we’ve already lost the battle. As we do each year. So why worry?

My inner critic would do well to chill out and listen to the resident Mindfulness Master:

Are you coming inside or what?
Nurmilintu shawl Dutch Wool Diva uarn
We must go sleep on the sofa.


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