an Eco-dyed shirt

Yesterday morning I was at a weavers market in Geldrop which marked the end of the Week of Weaving, organized by the southern districts of the Dutch weaving guild. It was held at an old weaving plant which is a museum now.

Volunteers are running the old machines and there’s a shop selling woven linens. They’ve got you tube videos. There’s a lot of knowledge gathered here.

In the courtyard there was a market and I couldn’t resist:

It’s an commercial linen shirt from the brand Mexx, in size 40 (EU). Annie Leynen from FeltingVilt in Belgium printed plant leaves on it such as European oak and geranium. Eco-dyeing. Oak at the right:


I was meant to learn this technique, eco-dyeing -and solar-dyeing too!- in a workshop at Wolop last weekend. But public transport goofed up beyond my current capacity for improvisation. I got dehydrated which is a big health risk for people with Adrenal Insufficiency/ Addison’s Disease. Shaking, BP dropping, body weeping with stress. I managed to get to a safe place -my mum’s!- but the day was busted. As where the next few days.
That’s why I was in bed for three days last week and knitted nothing but socks.

Finding this excellent eco printed shirt yesterday, in just the right colours, makes up for that scary experience a bit. This way I still have something in this technique to wear this Summer.

It does need some adjustments though:

The shirt is too large for me anywhere but at the bust. And it’s so wide it looks like I’m wearing a potato sack. While showing my bra because these are not armholes, these are peek holes. Maybe this isn’t a shirt, maybe it’s a tunic, meant to be worn in layers?
It doesn’t matter, I want a flattering ecodyed shirt I can wear straight over a -perhaps not so pink- bra. So I’ll be sewing some shaping into it. And I will shorten it and use the cut offs to add fabric at the arm holes.

The shirt has nice detailing. Top stitching and an add-on in the front. I love how the buttons have taken up colour too:

I need to sew and knit more garments as soon as possible to go with this shirt. These weeks I’m learning to sew trousers (= pants).
Eventually to be made in a greyish purple linen. Soon, I hope.


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