getting my WIPs in order

I’ve been coming around to working on my WIPs again. They’ve been dormant for months.
As a start I’ve decluttered the wool cabinet and taken out anything I didn’t love. What a fine way to organize things. It’s such a clear answerable question: do I love this?


Yes, I love this:
On the top shelf my tea china and spinning treasures.

Second shelf: the WIPs!

The third shelf holds my tools and some yarns I want to knit with a.s.a.p.

The bags at the bottom is the sock yarn stash and some odd balls I like to keep close.

The bags with sock yarn I took out yesterday and spread out all around my on the floor:
Initially because I wanted to look for x-massy mitten colours. But then I found a few of those few half projects and odd bits of yarn that have been lying about for years. Being nuisances, really. If I’m honest about it.
You know the ones, the you-shoulda-coulda-oughta-have-done-a-better-job-gnashers. The things I was going to work on, one day, and do better.
With the “do I love this?” compass still fresh on my mind I realized how much of a burden these nasty woolies are.

There were two legs I started that didn’t work out and are never going to work out. Some tube in a stupid colour. Two things in infuriating inferior yarn. And two bits of yarn with bad memories attached to it. Why was I holding on to these? Guilt mostly. Guilt and the delusion that I can change the past.
I didn’t match all the sock yarn stash to my “Do I love this?” compass but the four or five pieces that really bug me I took and threw away!
It’s not much but it sure feels good.

It gave room for a fresh look at the sock yarn that’s been here for years and years and then I saw this:
Half a knitted foot in a treasured yarn.

It’s Skinny Bugga! yarn by The Sanguine Gryphon. Given to me by a wonderful American Raveler back in 2010, when I was very ill and was in bed all day, barely able to think.
She send me this yarn and plenty more when a swap package of mine was not acknowledged by its receiver and she never send me anything. The group as a whole stepped in and send a replacement package. So heartwarming. It was the Handmade Pincushion Swap Group on Ravelry. A group that now has stopped existing but was a haven of lovely crafters around 2009-2013. This yarn has been dear to my heart from the very beginning.

I’ve started knitting with it many times… so many times that by now I’ve changed colour preferences and don’t even like orange anymore.

It’s such a wonderful yarn! Round spun, good handle, excellent stitch definition and great colouring. Also produced by a very sympathetic indy dyer team, which went on to other adventures a few years back. They felt so real and genuine, even when they dissolved the business.

Once upon a time I started these socks, my first toe ups I think. The pattern is Sacre du Printemps by Caoua Coffee:

A free pattern too!

I knitted, with my brainfogged head and all the concentration I could muster to make myself a glorious pair of socks in this high end quality yarn.

But they turned out too wide and I stopped knitting on them, quite defeated. I couldn’t make myself rip them out. All these fine cables. For years and years I’ve kept this half foot.

And now it will no longer be a foot!

It will be a phone cosy. I’ve ordered a new phone and while I wait for the protector to come from an exotic country far far away I’ll use this half sock as my pouch. Just knit a flap onto it and some sort of fastening and I’m golden.

Having found a new WIP to work on and some yarn for the x-mas decoration  *giggle, in June!*  I put the sock yarn stash away.

I’d now like to give an overview of the WIPs that are still active, in my mind anyway. They are in the wool cabinet and I will work on one of them any day now.
The funny thing is I don’t feel bad about them at all. Nor about the time I’ve neglected them. Nor about the fact that I’ve started new socks this week and will start a mitten next week. No guilt.

There’s one project though that I do feel a bit bad about. I need to formally put it to bed: the Sock Madness:

I started so enthousiastically back on March the 1st. But the patterns were all out of my reach. Twisted stitches, cables. Not one of them was a simple knit and purl combination.
I understand because this was a 10 year anniversary and they tried to make this fun for the experienced mad knitters. But for me there was not one pattern I could participate in after the first knit. It doesn’t feel very nice, not contributing to the fun. But that’s what happened.
I read along merrily. But haven’t posted. Feels weird.

Here are all 14 patterns from Sock Madness 10.

Caoua Coffee made one of the final designs: Coffee Cantata

Again: free!

Just to remind you and me, these are the current WIPs in my wool cabinet.
Tangled Cardi and Donegal cardi:

The Shetland Blue Texel throw that still only needs its border (I have been using it all winter though)
Next to it is Akelei Temptress that needs the final rows with beads and a non-frilly bind off; behind it the dark colours is Arlene cardi in Wollmeise Lace and in front is the white and green stranded little owl vest:

The sock yarn at the back is the Wolbeest yarn, from the ice cream parlour. It has one toe. But then I got distracted by Miyuki Bead Frogs and Blattwerk socks that needed reknitting.

So that’s where things stand. These are the knitting projects that are still active, be it only in my mind.

I have a feeling I will pick one of these up to work on any day now. I’m looking forward to it.


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