Finished: WolMetVerve Blattwerk Socks.

Pattern Blattwerk by Stephanie van der Linden. Modified.
Yarn: Wol met Verve Super Sock Merino. I used 80 grams in the end.

I finished the first cuff a second time.
Then I went back to the toes, took them off, and reknitted them in the Wol met Verve yarn:

I picked up all the stitches in the last row of the right yarn. Then I snipped through every stitch of the wrong yarn to release the toe. I didn’t want to spend time unpicking every stitch and saving 30 cm of yarn. The snipping and grabbing the little pieces of yarn was cathartic 😉

With these sock I somehow forgot how to “heel”. They’re not the same, left and right. The left one had to get a couple of more shortrows at the very end before I could start the leg pattern (which later turned out I positioned wrongly).

The right one had to get a whole other shortrow heel worked into it because I hadn’t round the corner enough at all. A few short rows weren’t going to solve it. I unvented a tomato wedged heel, I think. Nobody’s impressed, especially not Lillepoes who has such funny toes herself. Like she dipped them in whipped cream:

On the left one you see “the hack” I implemented when I ripped out the leg because I had knitted it over 60 st instead of 70. When I ripped back to 70 st I just started knitting again, not decreasing the gusset any more, and I knitted the rhythm of the faux rib where it should be, not where I had started it after the heel.

It changes halfway, the faux rib goes into being a one K stitch column and the previous 1 st K column transforms in a 3 st faux rib.
This is how I ended up with the appropriate number of leafs on the cuff: 7 instead of 6.

Another pair of fine socks!
In quality yarn, in a good colour for this Summer and done with stitches that do not bother my rsi. Yay!
Also: I shouldn’t worry that I haven’t got enough yarn for a pair of wrist cuffs AND socks. There’s still 11 grams of the yarn left.

Which means I can cast on for another pair of fine socks with that other quality yarn that I used to knit cuffs with, the purple grey glitter I got from Wolbeest at that funny fair Wolspektakel Kerkrade:

Toe up. Just to make sure. And to practise more “heel”. Oh well, as long as I end up with a wearable item I don’t care if it’s construction is unconventional or made up as I go along. Knitting is flexible.


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