Go on, knit a guirlande of little x-mas-mittens!

I’m done doubting. This KAL is for a guirlande of little mittens to celebrate x-mas romantics. Pretty much like her Mitten Garland Advent Calendar:

another free pattern by Kat Lewinski

I was thrown off course because my gauge got me an adult fitting mitten. But the consequent problems are… problematic. Not only the graphic design problem of the colour distribution but it also means I’d knit the pattern itself upside down. Literally meaning that all the v-shaped stitches will suddenly become ^-shaped.
And that does interfere with the design.

The back of the bird will have a different rhythm. So will its beak and its head floof. The white line separating it from its branch will be different when the stitches are upside down.

It may work out for the back and the branch, seeing how the design is. But it will certainly interfere with its breast. There will occur the staccato changes that are now on its back.
Its forehead and beak will be different. Its eye will be v instead of ^

^-eyes are smiling eyes.
v-eyes are closed, sleeping eyes. Or demure eyes.

I’ve encountered this before with a couple of foxes:

Eyes and top of ears have the stitches in v or ^. Happy eared fox or demure animal with non-pointy ears…

Besides, I don’t have enough yarn to make all the mittens in my size. That great green Shetland type of wool only gets me four mittens. How will I know which one to knit?

Long story short: this is a guirlande, not a parade of mittens. I now chose to think about it as bunting that happens to have mitten shape.

I’ve dug up some great alternative yarn: golden handspun Bombyx silk. Lace weight.
Now I’m dyeing some x-massy green to go with it:

It needs to be a tad more darker. It needs more contrast with the gold. This is also silk, a commercial one strand type of yarn. It was bright yellow and blue. The yellow is still shining through and communicating with my gold.

Here it is one shade darker:
Perhaps this will do.
Waiting for it to cool down and then dry. Only then will I know. I’m using Ashford Dye in Green. With a slosh of vinegar. Silk loves vinegar and colour.

I’ll be knitting the guirlande on my smallest needles: 1,75 mm
to get as small a mitten as I can get.

Can’t wait to get started. Staring that silk dry as we speak!


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