Itty bitty tiny mitty in progress.

Around 2 o’clock in the afternoon:

Nine o’clock at night:

I pretty much knitted on this all day. Such small needles!

The silk is lovely. Bombyx 🙂

The morning was spend with carefully taking some yarn from the still somewhat damp skein:

As you can see there’s still quite a bit of yellow visible where the skein was bound. So I only took enough silk for one mitten ( I hope) and tossed the skein back into the dye pot again.

The result:

Good for the next 11 mittens. If I run out of gold I might use some whitish bombyx silk I have. White and green is also very x-massy to me.

On the first mitten I made some mistakes. The number of mistakes increases now that it’s evening so I’m stopping for the day. Besides, my ring finger is tingling now and my other ring finger is growing some thick skin for where I wrangle the needle with every stitch. So it’s time to stop.

Noticeable mistakes are that I forgot to park the thumb stitches where the pattern told me so. I just kept on knitting and stranding until it was time to decrease for the top of the thumb and then I was: “Eh?”
I decreased and separated then and there but the thumb is pretty much webbed to the body of the mitten.

Other mistakes were knitting the wrong stitch in the wrong colour. I tinked back or dropped the stitch and worked it back up in the right colour. This messes with the tension but not too much (I hope).

I stranded a little pear on the thumb.
Do not recommend, it’s not as pretty as I hoped it would be.

And in the beginning I forgot that front and back are mirrored, not the same image repeated. For that I had to rip out a couple of rows and start the stranding anew.

Oops, trying to get too much grip on the situation:


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