Finished: teeny tiny x-mas mitten

Today, on a midsummer’s day with tropical temperatures I finished the x-mas ornament:

Shown here hanging in the house plant in our front room that has a permanent x-massy resident. Because I love reindeer and wood and Norway and possibly x-mas.

The mitten has some French knots for berries. Made in 100% silk embroidery thread.

Personalities of the birds differ from front to back. I wonder if that has something to do with the image being mirrored and knit going from either yellow to green or green to yellow. In the first picture the shape of the underbeak is helped by yellow stitches having a ^-shape. Plus tension? I don’t know.  All I know is I’ve got two birds.

100% silk

Measures about 5 cm wide (2″) and 9 cm high (3.5″)

weighs 4 grams

Is more evenly in texture than the two bottom pictures suggest. Top picture is more accurate.


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