Weird Wool Wednesday: a new way to knot a sock

This is my toe up sock in Wolbeest yarn, here’s the heel, with just the first set of short rows completed:

After this comes another set of short rows, to make it round the bend of the heel. I knit a few rows in the round and then I start the second wedge.

Short row, short row, short row.
I knit a whole evening worth of short rows. I tried the sock on a few times, to make certain of the fit. I won’t get caught with too tight a sock again!

Here it is the next morning, and something is not right:

This is the top part of the sock. Not the sole. Yet… there are shortrows here…

I took out the needles at the instep and had a closer look:

Yes, that looks suspiciously like half a heel wedge to me, on the instep side. I’ve been at it for a while too because there are already 5 short rows on either side! I’ve tried on this sock at least ten times, while knitting a heel on the wrong side.

My sock has grown a frog mouth.

And I’ve found yet another way to blunder basic knitting. Teeth gnashing as it is, I’m also a bit impressed.


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