progress on Rockefeller Shawl and Tour de Fleece Day 2

Rockefeller shawl is coming along nicely. I’m doing clue 2 at the moment and I plan it to be a big block of blue. My white stripes are only two rows high instead of four.

The DKD Krokus knits up lovely! It’s a tad splitty during knitting but the fabric is marvellous and makes me sigh.


I have two Louet wheels S70, the celebration model from their 1984 10 year anniversary. (2014 was their 40 year anniversary which is celebrated with the new S10 concept and a re-issue of the hatbox wheel.)

The first S70 is my allround darling wheel, named Maja. I bought it from the first owner, a passionate spinner in Nijmegen. It’s blond oak and spinning on it always feels like a conversation with a friend.

The second S71 I found at the thrift store near the cabin where it was broken and water damaged. I brought it back to the founder of Louet, Jan Louët, and together we nursed it back to health:

The only thing was it still sported a vintage S10 drive band, which is slightly too small for the S71. I’ve been treadling against its tension all these months now and I’ve not felt love for this wheel. Yet.

Last week I cut free the S10 drive band and visited various car part shops because I’ve been told that’s where you buy new bands, called snares.

Only you can’t nowadays.

In the old days snares and bands for cars were made from silicone and they do well on spinning wheels. These days snares are made from rubber and rubber is elastic and that’s not ideal for a spinning wheel. You’d end up fixing it rather tightly on your wheel and I’d again be treadling against the tension.

Working my way through various car part shops I honed in on the jargon I need to use to ask for the thing I wanted. “I need a polyurethane round snare, please, 3 or 3,5 mm round, 1,5 m long.”

I found it at a wholesaler for technical supplies, Pehavo. An excellent shop that I wholeheartedly recommend. Friendly, funny, accurate and resourceful. Dutch.

They didn’t have the smaller sizes then and there and I didn’t want to wait until Monday’s delivery so I took home a 4 mm snare, confident it would work also. Probably. If I tried. I’m sure I can make it work.

The guy burst out laughing and bellowed: “Eigenwijs is ook wijs!” meaning something like: “You’re not about to put a dent in self confident, are you”

Today, on Day 2 of the Tour de Fleece, I’m back in the city where the dark oak S70 lives. I put on the new PU belt and glued its ends together with a match.

It’s ugly, it’s wobbly, it doesn’t fit the groove of the bobbin:

But it spins wonder well!

So much more relaxed now that things aren’t under tension anymore. The parts of the wheel now turn because of friction between belt and bobbin and belt and wheel, which is way better.

I spun nearly half the roving onto the bobbin today:

This Louet s70 and I are becoming friends fast.


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