Tour de Fleece day 8: unexpected spinning

These are batts I spun back in April into a single. When plied it’s meant to be another little vest, just like the green Hilja I made from similar batts:


The purple batts are all on the bobbin on the left. Today I’m spinning a gorgeous BFL/Mulberry silk mix on the right, to ply it with:

The fibre is a sliver: a meticulously prepped roving which has all fibres alined. No short fibres. It spins like a dream! It bypasses my reluctance to spin naturally coloured or evenly coloured fibres. So soft and it handles so well. Drafts like a dream.

After a while though I did feel like spinning something else and I found myself getting this old friend out of the wool-room:

On it is a spinning project I started during Tour de Fleece two years ago: half of this nunoco batt in colourway Whisper:

I had received it in a wonderful swap from Titaniaa in the Duch Karma Swap Group and I spun half of it back in 2014:

It was a dream to spin although I remember it was hot back then and the glitter fibres in the batt where flying everywhere and sticking to my clothes.

Somehow after I filled that first bobbin I was hesitant to fill the second one. I don’t know why. Maybe because it was too precious, too fine. The swap had really touched my heart, Titaniaa had made a mini-me:

For two years the project was parked in the wool room and sometimes I opened the box the batt was in and petted it… and then today came and it spun like a dream and I loved it!

Afterwards I rummaged around for more fibre of this quality because I couldn’t leave this wheel alone.

It’s my Finnish wheel, a Scandic wheel, a slanty, which are especially good for thin singles with lots of twist.
Once again I noticed how much difference fibre prep makes. Well prepped fibre makes the spinning a great past time.

I’ve filled the second bobbin and will be bringing them with me to the city. Let’s see if I can get sufficient twist from my handmade wheel -the one I use for Long Draw- to ply these. Otherwise I’ll have to bring them back to the cabin next week and ply them on the Finn.

I sure will be bringing some well prepped fibre back from the city to spin on the Finn. I’m thinking the wonderful fibre I got in another swap from the NKS group:

the Hilltop Cloud that RandomGwen chose for me.

Why do these well prepped fibres come in gradients? I don’t particular care for gradients, they kind of pre-determine the knitting. Great spinning though! Sometimes the spinning is the project.


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