TdF: day To and Yester

The Tour had a day of rest on Monday and now I don’t know which day we’re on. But here’s what I did:

“Twijn” is “ply” in English. “Trein” is “train” and it rhymes with “twijn”.

I plied the Passe-Partout silk-mix and the Wolop Grey. Passe-partout is 236 m for 90 grams, Wolop Grey is 484 m and 200 grams. Give them a bath and they’re ready for use.

Colourwise I don’t think they fit together for a little vest though:

The passe-partout had so much warm colours in it. Bright yellow and brick red. I started to omit the colours in the spinning and started to mix up the remaining colours so it would be mor even but it still came out pretty warm and variegated. The first half turned out pretty decent but the second half was all yellow and red:

Here’s the Andean plying bracelet, showing how much colour there still was in the single:

I’ll need to find (or spin) another companion for the Wolop Grey, I need about another 100 m I think for it to be enough for a vest.

Because I don’t particular like plying I thought I’d make a head start on the naturally coloured silk and the Purple(green) singles. So it doesn’t need to be done all in one go in the end:

Yarn on the left, lots of singles left on the right. I’m spinning more of the silk for that in the next days.



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