Weird Wool Wednesday: plastic felt fantastic

Remember when I did the bag felting workshop and Alexandra het Wolbeest had that cute felted vase / container?

I came away so confident from that workshop that I went to felt one myself. Used some Bergschaap and silk and glitter and a lovely piece of reed dyed yarn that I love to repurpose. I placed it all on a resist shape, taking care to cover the edges. The plan is to cover the resist both top and bottom and later on, after the felting is done, to cut a hole in the middle and get the resist out. Then shaping the disc into a round shape.


I did the first part of the felting: thoroughly wetting and pushing all the air out. Making sure things don’t shift too much. Lots of water.

I got a bit tired after all this so I left it out for the night, wet and all. I’d do the next stage, the shrinking, the following day. I was very confident this was going to be one beautiful white bowl with green and glittery details!

Came down next morning and found I was instead making an advertisement for some supermarket whose bag I’d used to protect the table:

C1000 supermarkets. Which went out of business a year ago.

My beautiful project! Ruined!

No, it didn’t came out. I tried.


3 thoughts on “Weird Wool Wednesday: plastic felt fantastic

  1. Can you try to repeat what you did on the red part of the bag? Maybe you can get a more even color of pink. Even when you wanted a white bowl, maybe a pink version isn’t that bad? Or it could make a original present for someone. Thanks for sharing this experience with us. Now we all know never to use a colored bag when felting.

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