Ugh@ blue green.

Today I’m dyeing part of the Swifter fleece. Later on I will card the coloured bits together with the white an spin for a light coloured, interesting pullover:


Although these are lovely elfish colours they are way too mintblue coloured for my taste.  I don’t want any more green-blue yarns at the moment. I don’t want to spin it, I don’t want to knit it and I don’t want to wear it.

There’s too much green-blue, mint blue, turquoise, see foam, mint green, teal, cyan, aqua, kingfisher, eye searing smurf and blue-green in my knitter life for way too long now.

Back in it goes. Add yellow and dirty reds:

What’s this? Autumn colours? When am I going to wear a bright green with orange and brown patches sweater??

(On the top left I kept a bit of the first dye bath that wasn’t too blue/green.)

I don’t know what to do now. I guess I could chuck it into the dye pot again. But I’m not sure that’s wise. Today is pretty consistent in showing that I fail at dyeing with a goal in mind.

Because, believe it or not, both times I was sure I was dyeing this colour:

Absolutely dead sure.

I guess I could use the brown parts and some of the green parts… But will it ever be “Tranquil Winter Birch”?

I’m so unsure that I’ll spin for a bit to get calm and zen and relaxed again. Grabbed some lovely silk:



2 thoughts on “Ugh@ blue green.

  1. Anna, that second dye result is gorgeous.

    I guess we are dyers from the sort. Starting with a plan and ending up in a totally different unexpected place.

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