Tour de Fleece day 17: 4 silk singles on one bobbin

I had to stack both turquoise singles onto the same bobbin because the Hill Top Cloud Gradient Pack is on the other two bobbins. I plan to ply those once I’m back in the city which for now leaves me in the cabin for a whole day with just one usable bobbin and a strong desire to spin on my Finnish wheel.

So I spun half of the turquoise silk on the bobbin and then I put a marker colour on. I then spun the other half. When I’m in the city again I’ll unwind the bobbin onto another bobbin until I meet the colour marker. That’s when I can start plying the two singles together.

Here’s the marker, it’s yellow and curly:

The silk is so intensely coloured.

It makes me shake.

I wasn’t done spinning silk on my Scandic Slanty yet so I added two other silk singles on top of the turquoise singles:

And I changed the position of my wheel, to have a different view:

That’s Dutch cyclist Bauke Mollema, he is in second position in this 3 week race!

Oh, how I love to spin these silk balls now that I finally found the wheel to spin them on. They are dyed by Iboy and I want to buy some more later this year.

That one on the right, it looks just like labradorite!

My view for the rest of the purple silk:


Tonight I drive back to the city. I had a wonderful few days here at the cabin. I look forward to return here shortly for a longer vacation.


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