new yarn: Wol met Verve 100% mulberry

I bough two skeins of the wonderful Mulberry plied silk from Wol met Verve!
Both were custom dyed for me:

the second one is a replica of this colourway, nr 450:

which I perceived to be a white base with a mysterious willow green cast and some dark grey smears. But it turns out it’s a trick of the light, this colourway is in fact a semi-solid minty green and is in permanent demand from the dyer.

Again I learn: “don’t shop fibre that you haven’t seen in real life.”
The yarn base I had seen and I knew it was exactly what I wanted.
The skeins have 800 m on 100 grams and are well plied and of non-fuzzing Mullberry silk. Better than the silk I used for Aquilegia Temptress which already grew fluffy during knitting.

The colourways I had not seen before and I asked Sylvia to dye them. We talked a lot about the purple grey one and it turned out beautiful. Way more beautiful than my picture shows!
But for the green one I just showed the picture of Sylvia’s own stock. In which we both saw something different.

Ah well, I might use it for weaving. It’s such excellent yarn and weaving can shift colours so interestingly.

For now I keep dreaming about a white silk shawl in mist colours. I may ask Sylvia to dye another skein… and this time use my words.


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