Tour de Fleece Day 21: Finish Photo

Tour de Fleeve 2016

One Wolop (vest), two gradients, one Passe-partout (hat?), two Iboy Mulberries, half a purple (green) vest with silk and these icy colours from Passe-Partout that still need to be plied:

Today I finished the last of the ice colours, they now have to rest for a day before plying.
In the mean time I spun some more silk singles to ply with the purple(green) singles for the vest. It’s still on the wheel and I plan to continue tomorrow:

Tour de Fleeve 2016

The wheel has a new drive band, one of 3 mm thick. Instead of the thick one of 5mm I put on on Day 2 of Tour de Fleece. It spins well now.

I spend the rest of the day sewing a skirt. It’s about half done now:

Tour de Fleeve 2016

Linen fabric, cut on the bias, with a chiffon lining. A pocket in one side seam, a zipper in the other:

Tour de Fleeve 2016

The satin band on the top will fold down on the inside. It hides the raw edges and reinforces the waist. Biased fabric will stretch terribly otherwise. I used this satin band instead of a sturdy waistband because this is less work and is enough for a Summer skirt (I was hoping).

The skirt has to hang for at least a night for the fabric to relax a bit before I can hem it at an even length.

That’s quite a bit of things I want to do tomorrow! Spinning and plying and sewing and hemming, on top of the other things Monday brings.
Luckily I won the most important medal today:

“Do things on your own time and as they inspire you. A non-stressed spinner is a winner!”

(the purring a cat does is called “spinning” in Dutch. It’s the same verb used for spinning wool.
Plien is the surname of the spinning friend who advocates to only spin when you enjoy it and not pressure yourself in any way.)
Plien is a wise woman!


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