I finished the cat wristwarmers for my friend and gave them to her!

Her birthday was back in May but I just couldn’t make myself finish the embroidering of the eyes and whiskers because I was so certain they were too small. Once I resolved to give them anyway, (“perhaps she can use them as decoration”), I finished them:

She got them last Saturday and seemed to like them!

For mindless knitting I’ve started a new sock:

It’s a Zauberball yarn. You wind off the ball until you’ve got 2 x 50 grams and then you alternate and make stripes. Explained in Magic Zauberball Stripe Socks by Tofutrulla
This is Zauberball Crazy, a 2 ply, in colourway 2170. Probably my favourite colourway 🙂

The regular WIPs are progressing as usual. I’m working on Rockefeller and on the socks with the froggy beads. The other WIPs are in the closet, dreaming.

After the first mitten I did not knit any more of the 12 Days of Christmas Mitten Garland KAL by Kat Lewinski. There have been two mittens since, the third one is being released today:

They are lovely designs! And it’s a lovely Ravelry group to read so I’ll be following their progress and look at the new designs. The reason I did not progress is that mitten 2 and 3 do not have that graphic style that mitten 1 had me raving about.

That’s the well documented graphic style called “wood block printy bold shapes what’s meant to be the back ground colour anyway?”

Done in storytelling prints by artists Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel and Hilke MacIntyre:

Done with blocks of colour by Milton Avery and Tomoko Suzuki:

In monochrome prints by El Gato Gomez and Isabel Cosin:

Bold shapes owning the canvas, by Pierre Bonnard and Chun Eun Sil:

Playing with negative space, Daryl Hochi and Noma Bar:

Storytelling, bold shapes and use of negative space, that’s what I love about the first mitten design:

And now for my final miscellaneous trick, here’s a picture of me spinning last Saturday:

Anna-spinnend-bij-Wolop Photo by Meilindis


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