Totally off topic: tugboat and pancakes

This little beauty is parked in the harbour near my house:
mslb Energie sleepboot varend monument

It’s an antique tugboat, out of solid iron. It’s the MSLB Energie, 14,6 meters long and not even 3 m wide, build in 1923 and a registered nautical monument (Dutch link).

mslb Energie sleepboot varend monument

What a beauty! Don’t you just want to put it on like a handknit sock and admire it all day? Oh, how I love tugboats. Always have.

It may have something to do with the children’s series “Poll, Pel en Pingo”. The Dutch alias of the Danish Rasmus Klump:

pol pel pingo “build a ship” not “we need a bigger boat”

One day this little bear cub called Poll and his friend Pingo the Pinguin find a wheel. They think it’s a bicycle wheel but their friend Pol the Pelican tells them it’s the steering wheel of a boat. So they built a boat around it and they name it after Poll’s mother, Mary.

 boat by Simon Søgaards

They travel the world and have adventures and each adventure has them home right before dinner with Mary, who happens to just be baking a big stack of pancakes for which Pol is never too big. Nor for a little kiss from his mama.

I love pancakes! Especially after an outdoor adventure. Pancakes have been important in my life.

When I was at little school I got to invite friends over during lunch time on Tuesdays and my mom would bake pancakes. We’d roll them up and eat them like little bears.

Tugboats and pancakes… In another life I’d love to have owned a, antique tugboat. It fits with the Dutch history of canals and harbours and aquatic industry.

The Energie is a type of tugboat called Amsterdammer:

 pic by Pieter Klein

Low, sleek, powerful. My favourite type of tugboat I think!

I painted a tugboat once:

sleepbootje art by Marvelknits

It’s done in the Japanese brushing style called Sumi-e. Very spontaneous ink brushings on rice paper which soaks up the ink very fast. No time to think, you have to paint fluent and without hesitation. Like breathing out. Every stroke is one breath. You can’t fix mistakes.

It’s certainly not my best work…

This one illustrates the technique better:

botteropzeeklein art by Marvelknits.

I made these one Summer, many years ago, to celebrate the boating festival that happens every other year in and around the harbour near my house. Next year, 2017, it’s that time again. Perhaps I’ll stay in the city again and enjoy the festival, firing up the affinity I feel for historic ship. (I wrote “sheep” there :D)

There’s bound to be a tugboat visiting.
mslb Energie sleepboot varend monument

But first Summer 2016: tomorrow I travel to the cabin again for two weeks holiday. I will bake myself a pancake. Hopefully have an adventure or two.


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