The start of my wool vacation.

It’s the first morning of my wool vacation and it looks like this:

Froggy bead socks in progress, a pancake, a floating tea egg and Sandra Bullock doing good comedy in The Proposal.

I did a little bit of silk spinning last night:

Ahhh…. Mulberry silk, dyed by Iboy, in a colourway that talks of Labradorite.

This is waiting for me later:

The light blue Wolop BFL to go with the Wolop Grey for the little vest. In a lovely tin.

My wool vacation will last two weeks and I have a mountain of wool I plan to conquer. Or at least wander around on for a bit. There’s socks to wash, twist to set, fleece to skirt, fleece to wash, pelt to felt, roving to spin, fibre to card, finished projects to dye over and much much more. On top of that I brought along a bunch of sewing stuff because August is my Sew It All month.

But today is about settling in and resting. Do a little of this, do a little of that.


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