I unvented the (non)changeable circular needle and now I need a new hobby.

That’s my only 4mm circular needle. A Chiaogoo Red Lace 32″/100 cm

It broke. While I was working dutifully on yet another wip, the Tangled Vine cardigan. That’s mean twice!

I’ve never had anything like this happen. Chiaogoo Red Lace are my favourite needles because they are good quality and have a smooth transit from cable to needle. I usually have two (or more) of each size but not so in the larger sizes because I seldom have more than two on the needles at the same time. And I never anticipated a Red Lace circular breaking.

I’ll have to wait for replacement to arrive. OMG what will I do in the mean time, wool wise??

Let’s hope I can scrounge up something wooly around here… otherwise I might have to take up another hobby.
What’s hip nowadays?
Are we done with planking yet? Is scrapbooking over? Is Holly Hobby still alive?

“PokemonGo” you say?
are there wooly ones?
there are!


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