Finished: Miyuki Frog Bead Socks

I used 70 grams, 294 meters on needles 2,25 mm. Beads are Miyuki Picasso beads, size 6/0. They have a lovely mottled look, up close, which compliments the yarn. And frogs.

The pattern is Charade by Sandra Park, slightly modified. Again with mock cables which I love. Herring rib? yes please!

Such a gorgeous colour these socks are. These ones will definitely be worn in the city, with my new wardrobe that’s in progress.

I’m still at the cabin and all the little frog spawn from Spring has left the two ponds in the woods behind the cabin. I see both toads and frogs work their way towards the front of the cabin, where there’s more open wetland.

They hop along the path that’s next to the window where I usually sit. Whenever I’m out front and walk through the grass I see them scurrying for safety. They are such courageous little creatures.

I should like to wear a little salute to them, when I’m back in the city.


2 thoughts on “Finished: Miyuki Frog Bead Socks

  1. Very very nice socks and beautiful colours indeed. The way you have the beads interwoven in the cables reminded me of a -not very accurate- drawing i once saw of a midwife toad.

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