Our day in Münster

We drove to Münster and both of us did our favourite thing in the car:
"Dont stop believin' " Anakin Skywalker... just another emo teenager on a weekend night.
I knitted and Mr Marvel got angry at every other driver on the road.

He was positively fuming and spitting on the steering wheel at times. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s a hobby of his.

I took it as an opportunity to practise to leave it all with him. After all, I know he forgets about his anger a mere 500 m further down the road. It’s of no use that I carry all the charged negativity for another two hours.
Seeing all his anger as a mere hobby of agitated song & dance helps me to disregard it for sure!

The landscape just over the border is already foreign and I enjoyed it very much. Hills! Mysterious bits of forest. Little see throughs and exotic cottages. And: not every inch of land is as neatly suffocated as it is in my country.
Untitled I didn’t take any good pictures.

There are also many fields of rye (not the golden wheat) which is a staple in the German diet.

Lovely old landscapes that weren’t bombarded during the war:

pics by www.wehrbauten.de and muensterland.de

To me these landscapes refer to the European area where the main fairy tales are from: Germany, Central Europe, Eastern Europe.

We arrived in Münster and started with a coffee and some fortifications. Look how much knitting I got done on the way over:

We then walked in the city and it was lovely. Many interesting building and people. Münster is a university city with many young people, many bicycles and many idealistic causes.

We got caught in a very heavy shower. I didn’t mind waiting it out under some shelter:

At the end of the day we visited the botanical garden just behind the city castle. It’s one of the best I’ve ever visited!

Yes, they also have indoor green houses with many tropical plants. I showed the hat a chocolate tree in blossom:

Nice thistle:

Being here in Summer means many plants were in bloom. So many happy bumble bees! Again not everything was neatly groomed, there were many hidden places and nooks where plants and nature just grew free. But the garden is very well organized and this basic structure makes that it’s never chaos or nasty. And every plant has a label. It’s such a photographer’s paradise.

They had 50 kinds of mint… and most of them smelled awful.
Then, on our way out, we discovered a whole section of dyer’s plants!

I learned some new things and I really want to try some out.
For example, Lily of the Valley (Lelietje van dalen) dyes green:

Comfrey (smeerwortel) voor dyeing red?!
Red is one of the illusive colours in the natural dyer’s palette.

These are all the dye plants that are in the garden:

I have some Lily of the Valley in the wood behind the cabin, I really want to try it out.

We then left Münster and on the way back we stopped at a large supermarket to do some shopping. They had lots of Lindt chocolate! Their 85% chocolate has been my favourite chocolate for years (but not anymore).

Strawberry spaghetti eis chocolate?

I picked some that I fancied:
and had a piece (or two) before we drove the last leg back to the cabin.

Major sugar bomb alert!

(now I know for certain that Swiss Chocolat Stella 75% is my all time favourite)

Sitting in the car with my tooth enamel crackling and my brain rattling in my skull I found a new car knitting hobby… at every traffic light I showed my knitting to the car waiting next to us:

Then I showed what it was meant to be:

I got many laughs and thumbs up. Happy people! Knit in public ambassador! More chocolate!

Robert also found a new driving hobby: racing away from every traffic light as fast as he could and loudly praying that the next one would be green and he’d never have to see these laughing drivers again.

At home we relaxed a bit by watching olympic cycling:


and I discovered sugary chocolate brings out my old frenemy of stockinette knit:


6 thoughts on “Our day in Münster

  1. What a wonderful trip, thanks for sharing the photos. That botanical garden is definitely on the list of places to visit, those lily pads look great. I think perhaps you’ll have to start doing chocolate comparisons and reviews as well… For the public good of course!

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