Weird Wool Wednesday: “this is taking too long!”

I’ve carried the 200grams skein of grey Wolop handspun to so many places to show it to people that it’s now all tangled up. I’ve already spend two hours winding it into a ball, having to weave the ball through loops and knots.

A certain someone is running a live stream comment as I do so.

I filmed her on my phone which I then invited to talk to Flickr. Which it did, for a solid 40 minutes because connection in the forest isn’t as fast as cityfolk are used to.

Only for it to show up sideways and in a small screen too. Oh bother. I’m not spending any more time trying to fix this, I’m going to fix the yarn instead.
Click on the picture to go to the Flickr site and watch Lillepoes help me not wind yarn, singing me soft songs with her delightfully delicate little chirp of a voice.
It’s the sound of pearls and dew drops and fairy giggles on a serene Summer morning!

It makes you want to take your time and not have a hurry in the world.


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