last day of Woolvacation 2016

It’s finally good weather. No sun but plenty of wind. I’m reading up on dyeing with plants, having one of the last pancakes of the vacation:

Last week I went out for a little bike ride and gathered some dyeing plants: Goldenrod (guldenroede) and Common Tansy (boerenwormkruid).

After our visit to Münster I also want to gather some Lily of the Valley and dye three batches in one pot. But as it turns out, choosing which wool to dye is my hurdle. I cannot decide whether to get some yarn or some fleece. And then I’d have to premordant it with Alum.

It’s strange, these are not big steps to take but all in all it’s too much for me to handle. I’m blaming CSF, AI, IBS-C and many other capitalized nuisances. Making choices is one of my well known symptoms. So I’ve resolved not to dye today. To let it go.

Instead I’m doing laundry and roam about our little patch of wood a bit.

Ewww! (banana for scale)

Now it’s close to 5 o’clock and I have not been able to do much today. I have not been outside other than taking these picture and using the laundry lines we’ve hung in the trees around the cabin.

I have been knitting though. I’ve been picking up stitches around the armhole of Grey Flinders and I now know not to use the very stretchy bindoff for temporarily bind offs because it leaves little bumps, here seen on the left:

To avoid that look I’ve picked up stitches THROUGH this little bump, as seen on the right.

Here is the bind off with its bumps and me picking up stitches:

Picking up stitches through the bumps causes major curling as I effectively use a loop at the right side of the knitting to pick up a stitch from. Only with severely blocking and some decreasing at the outer edge can I counter this curling. Here’s one arm hole done:

I did use the very stretchy bind off (JSSBO) for the outer edge because it is, after all, nice and stretchy.



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