Finished: Zauberball socks and more vest logic

We’re back in the city and guess what I knit on the drive over here:

Magic Zauberball Stripe Socks by Tofutrulla


In other knitting I finished the ribbing around the arm holes and neck of Grey Flinders. Arms were done on 4 mm needle, the same as the bodice. I picked up 95 stitches, about 3 st for every 4 rows. Then reduced the number to 80 in the very first round whilst setting up a 2 x 2 ribbing. Decreasing was done at the bottom and at the intersection with the raglan.

The neck ribbing was done on a smaller needle (first 3,75 mm later on 3,5 mm). That way I didn’t need to reduce stitch count as I added row after row and mess up the 2×2 ribbing pattern. Although I did do this in the bottom left and right corner at the front.

I don’t like how it looks…

You can’t see very well in this next picture but the ribbing round the neck line looks uncomfortably stretched when worn. It isn’t stretched that much but it sure looks that way.

The ribbing around the arm holes looks… untidy.

It took a lot of winging it and just going for it and not thinking too much when I picked up stitches and guessed how much to decrease. I don’t particularly want to frog and experience those uncertainties again. But I do think the look would benefit from a smaller needle size. And the neckline needs way more stitches than I gave it now.

But this was three evenings worth of work! Surely on a handspun vest a bit of irregularity isn’t that bad. Besides, who’s going to notice? People don’t pay much attention to each other anyway, let alone to ribbing on some gal’s handknitted vest.

I’m thinking about things.

While I think I’ve taking the 4mm needle from the vest and put it back into the sleeve of Tangled Vine Cardigan. I need something to knit now that the socks are done.

And I cast on a White Flinders:

In the purple(green) handspun that’s now dry and made into a huge ball, on needles 4,5 mm.

Because why finish one vest first and learn from it all kinds of things to do different in a second version?


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