A fine Summer’s Day at the Cabin.

I’m taking advantage of the beautiful weather and us being one day early at the cabin:
It’s an unexpected addendum to Wool Vacation 2016!

I’m doing one of the things I wanted to do very much this summer: felting a stylish white bag.

Using mountain sheep, the same breed I used for the grey bag at Wolbeest’ workshop.

This will be just a small bag. More of a sack, really, because I already have a flap for closing. I felted a piece of sturdy cloth years ago for a swap and I’ve loved the fabric since. It has glitter and beads. For the swap I made it into a pair of oven mits. Wool is excellent for insulation.

The left over bit I savoured all these years and today it may become part of a bag.

If things go really well I might felt a second bag, a big white one A companion of my grey one. With locks. Wensleydale locks. This is my inspiration for it:

From a Russian felt artist called Elena but I can’t find her full name.

But first I say hello to Lillepoes who is on our recliner, underneath the beech tree:
“Good, you’re here. We have a problem.”

There are lots of things falling from the tree. It’s positively raining nuts!
It reminds me of the squirrels of the comic Mutts, by Patrick McDonell:

Just call me Mr. Butterfingers

So I dragged the stretcher to a safer place. It is time for my rest anyway.
I tried to sew a hook and bar to my lilac skirt, the one I wore to Münster. But we got distracted because who do we see thrashing about in the beech tree? The squirrel!

What a fine day.


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