Two days of full time Acrylic.

I have started a blanket. In 100% acrylic. In wonderful colours:

It wasn’t a plan. I have plenty of WIPs. Besides this is acrylic, I don’t do acrylic much, do I? I’m a wool fan first and foremost.

This is what happened: I went to Utrecht on Friday and had a lovely day in the city. I visited a brand new yarn shop started by fellow Raveler Lilirious. It’s called Sticks & Cups and it’s on the Telingstraat 12, Utrecht. (Behind Neude, next to Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt)

 pic by Carla Meijsen

I’ll tell you about the shop another time. For now just know that Lili is a lovely person with a lot of knowledge and enthousiasm. She educated me on acrylic and its uses and she has such gorgeous colours in the shop and I’m still drunk on my colour palette and acrylic is such good value for money so this happened:

 Cost as much as one skein of hand dyed sock yarn!

The yarn is Scheepjes Colour Crafter yarn, a 100% acrylic DK weight with 300 m on a 100 grams ball. I learned that this quality of Acrylic is soft, durable, doesn’t pill and you can throw it in the washer. Other brands can be squeaky or sweaty but this Premium Acrylic is not.

It’s perfect for a blanket that can be used vigorously by me and the cats.
That’s actually how I prefer most of the items in my life, being it house hold items or clothes. I want to USE them, stretch my toes in them, spill chocolate and jam on them, sit in/on them on the sidewalk. Basically I want to live in them.

It’s why most of my skirts are of canvas and/or IKEA curtain fabric. This is why I love Dutch traditional costume. It’s also why the world got so enamored with jeans, I think. Functional items that look good.

The pattern for the flower blocks is free and is called Princess Daisy’s Flower Blanket by Sherry L. Farley:

The petals are a bit bobble-like, they’re really nice. Also the first row after the petals makes a perfect square. It’s a good pattern.

The last two days I spend crocheting and being in love with the colours. Last night I looked at blankets on Ravelry, to learn what tips people have about making them. Soon I learned that weaving in ends and sewing blocks together will take a lot of time, about 30% as much as the crocheting of the blocks takes. Many people sigh at that stage and even abandon their blankets for months and months.

So I spend last evening sewing in the ends of the blocks I have. A tedious job indeed. I’m now weaving in the end as I go. Whenever I cut a yarn I pull the square through the last loop, securing the end. With the next colour I then fixate that loose tail by crocheting around it as I make my stitches. Here I’m fixating the light yellowish yarn with the new grey stitched. The yellowish yarn ended at where I’m pointing:

Ahhh, I’m so enjoying these colours! For the back ground I’m combining different shades of grey, an idea I got from this great coloured project picture from AmyLu:

 pic by AmyLu

She used paid for pattern Sunshine Day Baby Afghan by Alicia Paulson, which also has fat bobble-y like petals and a row to make a round thing into a square but both very different from Princess Daisy’s Blanket.

Here’s what I have after two days of full time crocheting and fawning over the colours:

Not quite a blanket yet….

What have I started? What are the chances this will ever be finished? How long until this goes the way most of my WIPs go??
Should I care?
No. I should enjoy today and how much I love playing with the colours.


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