Knitting near Germany

This is pattern Bines by Dutch Wool Diva, a pattern designer and independent yarn dyer:

Dutch Wool Diva is located in in Zevenaar which is close to the cabin. I’m only a bit more closer to Germany than she is. She recently opened a brick and mortar store and I was there and I saw this pattern in her shop. I adored the way the stitches travel along the sides of the shells and diamonds.

It also looks really good in her handdyed yarn and I bought some and then she started a test knit for this particular pattern and I jumped right in!

At first I had a hard time concentrating on when to knit a shell and when a diamond. It’s not hard at all, I was just suffering from a bout of “colander-brain”:

But I got the hang of it and now my stitches travel the way they ought to:

Such a good match of yarn, colourway and pattern!

The yarn is Dutch Wool Diva Sock Star, a nice round plied yarn, excellent for showing stitch definition.
The colourway is Grey Hare which is a double succes: the grey and the hare. I’m very into grey and silver at the moment. And we love hares!
Lots of hares happen to hop around the cabin here. Only last night my husband was out at dusk and counted 8 playing around in just one field!

Yes the yarn and the colour do the pattern justice.
I hope when I block it the stitches will even out and will look as neat as Dutch Wool Diva’s example.

At the moment we are at the cabin, we only drove past Zevenaar, getting here, yesterday. We didn’t stop at the shop though. Today I’m knitting on the second sock. This morning we popped over the border into Germany to visit a large supermarket in search of a special ginger jam we love and bought when we came back from Münster.

The jam is by Den Gamble Fabrik from Denmark:

 Two jars of the same jam.

They didn’t have it at the shop we went to… might have to order it online now.

They did have something else at the supermarket:
tante Clara's cheesecake

Regia sock yarn! Next to the apples and the dish washer detergents like it’s a normal thing! I love it. Regia, and most renown sock yarn brands, is a German brand and of course it should be stocked at shops.

I didn’t buy any since I have a sock on the needles right now (and none of the colourways appealed to me)(and I’ve been spoiled rotten by using higher end sock yarns such as the handdyed yarns of Dutch Wool Diva).

We came home with one of Tante Clara’s Käsekuchen:
tante Clara's cheesecake
“Auntie Clara’s Cheesecake” 😀

I’ve never had a cheesecake. I had some pieces of quark-cake and yoghurt-pie in my life but never cheesecake.

5 minutes later:
I’ve now tasted it -a.k.a. inhaled a quarter of the pie- and I get the appeal of cheesecake!

I now know why Americans wake up in the middle of the night and eat cheese cake and keep eating it. Wow, it’s nice! Dairy-y with hint of lemon and a crunchy and sweet base. Very nice!

A good cake for knitting.


3 thoughts on “Knitting near Germany

  1. Regia in the supermarket! I would be broke if my grocery store carried yarn ;). That cheesecake looks very yum, I believe I haven’t had proper cheesecake yet, because I am not quite fond of it. What I remember of the ones I did try was nothing like what you’re describing…. Might need to hunt down a proper cheesecake to try… For science you know…

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