Having greens on the mind.

I’ve been crocheting like a mad woman:

pattern Princess Daisy’s Flower Blanket by Sherry L. Farley, hook size 4.0 mm (G), yarn Scheepjes Colour Crafter.

I’m not even half way. I’m trying to be done before I run out of steam so crochet it is, every day, every spare minute. I love the greys! And the greens! I kind of wish I crocheted with thicker yarn so I would have a thicker blanket (and also a faster one). Doubts are setting in. I’m trying to out-crochet them.

There are two balls that didn’t make it to the picture: the cool grey and the accent purple. Only the purple grey made it to the picture and (the remnants of) the warm grey and the three greens. Love those greens!

I’ve run out of the warm grey, the main colour. I do have another ball but it’s in the city and I’m still at the cabin for another whole day. I’ll be making flowers today and tomorrow I guess. Endless variants of green hearts and green petals.

I wonder why I am so drawn to these three greens….

can it be that I’m echoing SEPTEMBER 2015:

When I dyed yarns with flowers of the common reed and got these same kind of greens? Such glorious greens the reed gave!
So today I’m doing it again. I found a little patch of reed yesterday and cut some flowers. Earlier I bought basic T-shirts and today I’m dyeing them!

Plant dyes are so illusive. Here’s the same pot under lamp light and a day light lamp:
dyeing with reed plantsdyeing with reed plants

I’m putting in two cotton t-shirt, HEMA brand, Ladies’ Basic Shirt, non-stretch, size S. It’s about 300 grams of cotton, 200 grams of reed flowers and 45 grams of Alum. I’m aiming for a light green colour, non army-green:
dyeing with reed plants
This colour is a bit too light. It’s more “I spilled my tea” than “Dyed with reed flowers”. Perhaps because these reeds are different from last year? These reeds grow in the shadow of trees, not in the full sun like the ones from last year did.

I want to go back to the spot that I picked flowers last year but it’s the weekend now and there are a lot of people there. I’m a bit shy, doing something in public that not many people understand. I’ll crochet a few more petals while I ponder.


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