Weird Wool Wednesday: Roco Lillepoes in the picture!

I sketched up Lalylala’s design for Roco the Raccoon in Lillepoes’ colours.

What do you think, does the blue mask work instead of blue eyes?

Colours will be Scheepjes Stonewashed
black – 806 Black Onyx
white – 801 Moonstone
creme – 821 Pink Quartzite
brown – 8-4 Boulder Opal
blue – 813 Amazonite (or perhaps 805 Blue Apatite)
 pics from

The black is not Lillepoes black… will it be important? The white Moonstone doesn’t look as white as her toes either. What do you think?
And which blue is better? I thought the light would look better in contrast with the dark face. But I love the true blue colour more!

What’s that you say, you could do with a closer look of Lillepoes to base your advice upon?

All right.

The picture below is a link to a long (nearly 3 minutes!) video of Lillepoes and me scratching her left ear, which is a particularly good ear as you can tell. It was taken in the cabin a week ago. Enjoy, there’s a typical Lillepoes squaak! at the end. 🙂

Lillepoes has the most delicious left ear in cat world! She's a short hair Birman from an irresponsible breeder (too small chin and throat system and misformed foot). Very sweet animal. 12yo and on a daily inhaler now.


2 thoughts on “Weird Wool Wednesday: Roco Lillepoes in the picture!

  1. I prefer the true blue as well. To be honest I would think solid colours would do Lillepoes more justice. Where is the fluffiness? This roco will look more like her daring little cousin. The ears might be a little pontier and further to the sides as well. (Sorry! You wanted opinions)
    I like the way Lillepoes comments on the quality of the scratching and playing.

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