Weird Wool Wednesday: who’s been eating my socks? + Zorro

This morning I found this:


Then I saw this! The other sock has a hole too:

The culprit:


Now I’m forced to go to the shops and buy thin, factory made, cotton socks!

And I have to mend my socks. Which I’ll never do, judging by previous holes in previous socks. But these are darling socks! With a pattern! So maybe I will?

You probably know the Yarn Harlot’s way of darning socks. She holds them above the rubbish bin, says “darn it!” and throws them in.

I’m not that courageous, throwing out socks that can still be mended. These will go to the back of the closet, where I keep all my good intentions.

Here, let’s have some cat pictures.
This is the kitten I found abandoned in the woods around the cabin a year ago, he’s grown all big and playful and cat.

It’s Zorro!



One thought on “Weird Wool Wednesday: who’s been eating my socks? + Zorro

  1. Zorro is so sweet! Love the photos. As for the socks – yikes. I darn like the Yarn Harlot. But if those still have lots of wear left in them, I would be likely to turn them into fingerless mitts rather than darn the holes, which makes no sense, I know, much more work, but that’s what I would do…

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