puzzling with crocheted blanket blocks

These are all the blocks I have at the moment:

That’s slightly over half I need, I think. Now it’s time to plan a bit about how many blocks I need of which size.

I’m already planning colourwise. These are the darkish large squares:

I didn’t like them much in the total so I started making them with only the lightest flowers and lightest colour combination (top rows).

These are the light large squares, the main part of the blanket:

These all have lightest back ground colours. I see I need a couple more with the lightest flower petals. Sixteen I’d say.

I quickly found out that if I want this blanket to be cheerful on dark winter days that it’s best to stick to the lightest background and use the other colours as accent. There are already two balls of the lightest colour crocheted in these squares and I bought another two. I will buy a third ball (fifth really) for sewing together the blanket.

The lightest colour for the flower petals gives jolts of light. Exaggerated if I flank it with a darker colour such as dark grey or purple. But I can’t use that in the largest squares because it will be too large a square of darker colour. So it comes to the smaller sized squares to have the jolts and contrast:

In the smaller squares I’m putting my most purple yarn next to the greenest petals. Darkest petals to lightest background.

All these squares are on the floor now and I love looking at the colours and combinations. Thinking about contrast and planning ahead. They are enormous in the way, making the place look cluttered, so I can only play a few hours at a time.

Today I also started to think about size. Eventually the blocks will be combined in a random fashion and it is good to know upfront which combinations are possible. This is what I found out:

The side of one large one is equal to the sides of two smallest ones.

Two large ones and on smallest one equal three of the third size.

One large one and one smallest one is as wide as one of the third size and a smallest…. hey, this can’t be right:

Never mind. It’s a puzzle in progress.

There’s also this: not all blocks of the same size are the same size. Some are crocheted more tight than others. So every formula is approximately and will be adjusted in real life.

I think I’ll be starting soon with sewing it together, while still crocheting more blocks. Just to get a start on that so it won’t be a daunting new task. Putting it all together is a big job …. 30% of the time it takes to make the blocks is something I once heard.

Right, first I’ll crochet some more: lots of light petaled flowers, putting sixteen of those in largest squares in lightest colours and then a whole lot of smallest squares in all colour combinations.


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