A weekend of spinning

Fellow Dutch spinner Pimmie won Spinzilla!
Yeah, she has a Ashford Country Spinner too. Her happy picture makes me want to bring mine downstairs and throw wool at it. 🙂

This year Pimmie got it in her head to set up a national on-line event to share the joy of spinning (link to Dutch Ravelry Group for the event). We do so at Tour de Fleece and at the national spinners’ day in oktober and she felt there’s room for more! Each weekend some Dutch spinners are trying to spin as much as possible. This weekend it’s my turn!

A little hick up occurred at the starting time last Friday at 7 o’clock at night:

It’s important to relax. Let’s call this mental preparation.

Later on I’m at the wheel, all relaxed and glowy from the bath:

I’m spinning a sockyarnmix from Wolop, bought at Midwinterwol. It’s a mix of three breeds and you spin each as a single. Then you ply them into a three-ply.

The breeds in this beauty are Wensleydale, Lincoln and Hollands Schaap:

I was sure I’d spin one breed per evening. But I fell asleep having barely touched the first one…

Next morning, Saturday, started with encouragements from the local vandals:


(This is the first time graffiti appears in our historic neighbourhood.  There are tags all over the place and people are a bit gutted by it. It’s such a defacing. Luckily none of our walls were sprayed.)

Today I took a trip and I brought the reed dyed bombyx silk and my little turtle spindle:

I got back home in the early evening and reconnected with my wheel. This is a t-shirt I bought at Mermaidy in Utrecht:

It’s made of bamboo and organic cotton, it’s produced in Turkey and bought under Fair Trade agreements. It is printed in Amsterdam and part of the sales go to support the Amsterdam cat shelter the Poezeboot. That’s a no-kill centre on a canal boat:
cat boatpic by Terretta

It’s a great shirt, very soft, in great purple and with silver print of a cat stretching for a heart or spinning fibres. Cats and spinning go so well together.

Now it’s Saturday night and time for bed. I spun the first breed, the Hollands Sheep. 30 grams of the sock yarn is done, about 360 m single I think.

Tomorrow I’ll spin one or perhaps two of the other breeds. Spinning in my head goes so much faster than the spinning in my hands.


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